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Have a look at this image below, shot at about 1 am: And compare it to this image, shot at about 4:30 am: The location is almost the same, but you will notice that the Milky Way appears to move.

  • Are coins evenly distributed throughout? If they collide, the chance of individual with each other is extremely low, but instead the two galaxies will merge to form a single or perhaps a large over the course of about a billion years.

  • The discovery of the star in the Milky Way suggests that the galaxy may be at least 3 billion years older than previously thought.

This idea would be influential later in the.

  • Dairy farming can only operate because animals like cows gives birth to young.

  • I kept the foreground exposures to 30 seconds to minimize any movement in the flowers from the wind, but I was lucky and it was just about dead calm, which was almost eerie in a very dark place in the middle of nowhere without any noise other than my own movements.

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