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She kills with her thighs

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Her with she thighs kills

Her with she thighs kills

There are no broken bones or hospital visits for Wistrich to draw on.

  • Anonymous Jul 31 2012 2:31pm James,once a women gets her thighs or legs around in a scissors hold there is no way to get out of them unless she lets you and it doesn't matter how much you try push open her thighs open! Alexandra Gregson, 32, has been jailed for 13 months for the attack in which her friend Isabella McKenna thought she was going to die.

  • Zack Jul 31 2012 5:30pm Woman,like i said i would love to try wrestle you and take on your cousin as well! The judge told her a phone and the necessary numbers would be available to her in jail.

Anonymous Jul 31 2012 3:30pm Woman,you have any women in your family like you with very big thighs and very big powerful muscles? Do you love to hear your husband beg for mercy or anyone else? James Jul 30 2012 1:44pm James yes i let them if i know they want to touch it only to see how strong they are but if i kow they want to touch it in sexual way no i do not let them i am a married woman and it is not right , yes when i wrestle i do a lot if moves but as i said i do not know names in english i arm bar them i also lift them and throw them i crush them between my body and the floor i put thier heads between my thighs and thier face to the inside just in front my ass and lock them with my legs so he can not breath any more so he lose all his power , i hope i can explane in a right way Woman Jul 30 2012 1:57pm Woman,you explain perfectly! James Jul 31 2012 2:15pm Woman, calves are the muscles behind your legs but lower on the other side between your knee and foot! The violence continued and Gregson hit Ms McKenna with a bottle, grabbed her by the hair, kicked her, punched her and bit her thigh.

  • She used a feeding tube for six months.

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