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Laborers might be nude while doing tasks that made clothing impractical, such as fishermen or women doing laundry in a river.

  • Eventually nudity became an issue of personal integrity and privacy, with some actors choosing to perform nude, others not.

  • After repeated arrests, prosecutions, and convictions in Great Britain, the activist sued at the for the right to be nude in public outside of designated areas.

Triptych print of ama divers catching abalone 1788-1790 by Nudity in mixed-gender public baths was common in before the effects of Western influence, which began in the 19th century and became extensive during the after.

  • Handbook for Child Protection Practice.

  • In Islamic countries, communal bathing is limited to the , which observes strict sexual segregation and avoids complete nudity, men wearing at least a loin-cloth.

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