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Rare hondo guitars

Guitars rare hondo Hondo Vintage

Guitars rare hondo Vintage Hondo

Hondo Guitar. Rare?

Guitars rare hondo Vintage HONDO

Vintage Hondo 2 H732ML deluxe guitar Les Paul type

Guitars rare hondo Hondo Guitars

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Les Paul Copy

Guitars rare hondo hondo guitars

Guitars rare hondo Hondo HLP

Guitars rare hondo Hondo II

Vintage Hondo II Guitar H310A Acoustic Guitar 1986 Six String Instrument Music

Guitars rare hondo Vintage Guitars

Guitars rare hondo

Please contact me if you have any concerns before leaving feedback; I strive for 100% satisfaction! Hondo was one of the first overseas guitar builders to feature American-built pickups on the import instruments beginning in 1978.

  • For sale, a nice shape 1970's Ventura Les Paul copy.

  • As to be expected for a 30+ year old guitar Clocks in at just under 10lbs Nice block inlays Frets are in good shape Works and sounds great! A great piece history to pair with your period musical instrument! It will be professionally packed and shipped in a gigantic box that will impress your neighbors.

We encourage you to leave your positive buyer feedback! Frets and fretboard look great tons of life left.

  • Using nos 1961 carbon 500k elements combined with original 50?? Looks to be all original with the exception of a new switch and output jack along with possibly the strap buttons.

  • Many Made in Japan guitars and typically focus on the set-neck pieces, but I have to say this guitar is one of the best bolt-on types of this style I've ever played.

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